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Ways of solving

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Ways of solving

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          Ways of solving the problems of adolescentsHad agreed experts meeting, psychologists and education on the importance of the involvement of adolescents in discussions of scientific organization dealing with treatment problems, and Taouidh to put its problems, and discuss with adults in the trust and explicitly, as well as his note about sexuality by teaching the scientific objective, so as not to fall prey to ignorance and loss, temptation. "They also recommended the importance of "encouraging activity-oriented and recreational trips and to participate in Mnasht public squares, clubs, and should direct them to work camps, scouts, and participation in public service projects and summer workAlso stressed the scientific studies that more than 80% of the problems of adolescents in the Arab world, a direct result of trying to parent the conduct of their children under their opinions and their habits and traditions of their societies, and are reluctant to children, from the dialogue with the parents; because they believe that parents either do not care to know their problems, or they can not understand or solve.Were unanimous in recent trends in the study of psychiatry to the ear Almusgah at that age is the solution to their problems, and find the balance between self-reliance and out of uniform advice and guidance in the matter to Z of friendship and advise others and share thoughts, and build a bridge of friendship to the transfer of expertise in a language friend and brother not the language of the parent, is the way to proverbs form an intimate relationship between parents and their children at the age of adolescence. "       

        Proved the study done by the school specialized for Social Studies in the United States to about 400 children, from the age of kindergarten until the age of 24 on various meetings at the age of 5.9, 15, 18.21, that teenagers in the family consistent with the strong bond that has their interdependence and the crucial decisions on the boards of family-friendly all-inclusive, and all its members interested in the affairs of each other, are the least pressure, and the most positive view of life and its affairs and problems, while others were more prone to depression and stress.* Practical solutions:To help parents deal well with the adolescent and his problems, we offer the following examples of problems can occur with a practical solution, easy application, each of them.The first problem: the existence of a state of "Alsidih" or swimming against the tide of parents between the adolescent and his family, and a sense of parents and adolescents that each and every one of them does not understand the other.- The proposed solution: says Mona Younis (Specialist Psychology): The cause of this problem lies in the differing concepts of parents on the concepts of children, and the different environment in which the parents, and formed their personality through which environment and children, and this is normal for the different generations and times, parents are trying to conduct their children under their opinions and their habits and traditions of their communities, and thus reluctant to children from the dialogue with their parents; because they believe that parents either do not care to know their problems, or they can not understand, or they are - even if they understand it - are not willing to modify their positions.And treatment of this problem can only be substituting a real dialogue rather than discord, conflict and alienation of mutual, and it must understand the perspective of the children actually do not form, so feel teenager he is taken seriously and recognized and Btafrdh - even if not parents agree with all his opinions and positions - and that his a legitimate right to declare such a view. More importantly, the teenager s parents have found a receptive audience and open hearts of the depths, not just a courtesy, and should have to give him way to go its own way, even if wrong, to learn by mistakes,The parents choose the right time to start a dialogue with the teenager, not be so busy, and talk sitting,Meeting familiar friends, them move away from the Baroque and beautification, and to warn the tone of rebuke, and the river, and put-..Tried to get away from the questions that have answers "yes" or "No", or questions is clear and direct, and Avsha him room to express himself, and not use their terms which may be offensive inadvertently, such as: "This was a mistake" or "Did not remind you of this it before? ".

The second problem: the adolescent feeling shy and introverted, which hampered the achievement of social interaction, and show him these qualities through the redness of the face when you talk, and stuttering in the speech and lack of fluency, and a dry throat.- The proposed solution: The causes of shyness and introversion in adolescents are manifold, including: inability to address the problems of phase, and the method of socialization that originates it, Valtdleil excess and cruelty of excess leads to the sense of depending on others to solve problems, but the nature of the stage requires him to resign from the family and relies on himself, he has a conflict occurs, and resorts to withdraw from the social world, and the convergence and shame when talking with others.To remedy this problem are advised to: directing teenager permanently and indirectly, and to give much space for discussion and dialogue with him, and tolerated in certain social situations, and encourage them to speak fluently and dialogue with others, enhance self-confidence.

The third problem: the adolescent nervous and rushes, and the printing unit, and stubbornness, and his desire to achieve his demands by force and violence, overload, and constant tension is causing a great nuisance for the people around him.- The proposed solution: the opinion of Dr. Abdel Aziz Mohammad Al Hurr, that the nervous teenager many reasons, including: reasons related to the training tradition in personality, in this case, a parent nervous already, including: environmental reasons, such as: the emergence of the adolescent in an atmosphere of educational charged nervous and behavior Bungarus feisty.Also, talk with teenagers rudely and aggressively, and dispose of them violently, leads them to act and speak the same way, but may Eetmedua for most of them influential, adolescents learn nerve in most cases, parents or people around them, and the stresses parents with them too, and their demands, including than their energies and abilities of the actions and behaviors, making them unable to respond to those requests, and the result is a sense of these adolescents that the aggression practiced them, leads to anxiety and irritability, and motivate them to aggressive behavior that express it in its initial nervous, Valtshidd over this turn them into nervous, and rebels.There are other reasons for adolescents nervous Kdik home, and the lack of places for fun, exercise and mental or physical activities, and the neglect of the real need to relax and rest for some time.He thinks that the free treatment of nervous teenager is through safety, love, justice, independence, and firmness, it must be for a teenager to feel safe at home .. Security fears of family disintegration, and security of failure in the study, and the other thing is the love the more love for the children the greater the chance of understanding them, should not we focus on our conversation with them on the threat and punishment, and justice in dealing with children is necessary; the behavior of the differential at them there is a fertile ground for neurological , Valasbah reaction to something else and not the problem itself, and independence are important, they must reduce parental authority for children and give them confidence in themselves more with the monitoring and follow-up yet, Valastqlalah feel grainy to the children, especially at this age, and must be firm with the teenager, should not be left to do what he wants the way he likes while he wants and with whom he wants, but must be aware that such of his rights, the duties must be performed, and like him the freedom Vllachrin freedoms must be respected.The fourth problem: the practice of adolescent behavior is disturbing, such as not taking into account the public morals, and to attack people, destruction of property and the environment and nature, and may be disturbing to verbally or in practice.- The proposed solution: the most important causes of behavior is disturbing when the teenager: his desire to achieve the purposes of private, without regard for the public interest, and misconceptions that link the mind of the teenager is a person strong courageous, who Bara others and take his rights in his hand is not the best manner, and also frustration, deprivation and oppression, which live within the family, and the tradition of others and follow their behavior chaotic, and default mode, and the accompanying peer bad.The manifestations of behavior is disturbing, they are: activity motor-plus turbulent and behaviors improvised, and the intensification of the tendency of independence and aspiration to leadership, and expression of the adolescent himself and his feelings and desires in ways inappropriate (yelling, cursing, stealing, cruelty, useless arguments, involvement in the problems, and boredom rapid and Altavv of friction with people, and justify the reasons for actions and flimsy, and the aversion of the advice, and the persistent stubbornness).The entrance to treatment is enlightening teenager greatness of the responsibilities that fall on the shoulders and how to meet secretariats, and the occupancy of good and productive work constructively, and to correct misconceptions in his mind, and deny the alleged relationship between independence and the infringement of third parties, and encourage them to come with good friends who do not like to extend the hand of abuse for others, and his advice to some of the ways to resolve crises and confront the aggression of others wisely, and promoting positive initiatives if the initiative to do the behavior of positive indicates his respect for others through praise and praise, and stay away from words and provocative programming negative and avoid reprimand as possible.

Fifth problem: The vulnerability of the adolescent to a series of conflicts, psychological and social matters involving the difficulty of identification and self-knowledge led to the rebellion negative on the family and community values, and shows that in the sense of double belonging, family and non-compliance with the directives of the parents, and the opposition and the hardening of the attitudes, arrogance, vanity, love of history , and blame on others, utter verbally abusive.- The proposed solution: The absence of proper guidance, and follow-up vigilance balanced, and the example of the correct lead the adolescent to rebel, and the causes of insurgency also: live teenager in the case of a conflict between nostalgia for childhood full of play and look to the youth that has many responsibilities, and the many social restrictions that limit his movement, and less attention to domestic talents and not forward the correct destination, and reprimand him in front of his brothers, parents or relatives or friends, and follow-up of films and programs that call to rebellion against religious and social values ??and violence.In the opinion of Dr. Bader M. King, and Dr. Latifa Hussein Al-Kandari that the treatment of rebellion teenager have the following means: allow the adolescent to express his personal, and guidance about effective programs to consolidate and practice the concept of tolerance and coexistence in the vicinity of sports clubs and cultural rights, and the strengthening of religious faith through the performance of religious duties The commitment companionship good build bridges of exchange and cooperation with people of experience and goodness in the family environment and beyond, must be intensified doses of Islamic culture, with the Islamic Sharia organize teenager s life not as allegedly enemies of Islam, that suppress the wishes and forbidden lusts, in liaison with teenager in the work activities preference. in order to reduce areas of difference and expand the fields of consensus and build bridges of understanding, and encourage the development objectives of the family shared and communal decision-making convincing, allowing the teenager to host friends at home, taking care to identify them and sit with them for some time, and to beware of programming the negative, and to avoid phrases: You are a failure, stubborn , rebel, you shut up Snippy, you always argue and criticize, you do not understand at all ... etc.; because these words and phrases provoke adolescent and bring more problems and troubles do not want to achieve from the treatment.

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